Mobilna verzija spletne strani še ni na voljo.



Jarvenpaa the biggest air dome in Europe


The biggest air dome in Europe is located in Finland and is equipped with an advanced ventilation heating unit based on a glycol system, which enables effective heating inside, when temperatures are as low as -40˚ outside. The Smart dome system installed monitors and controls all key functions in the air dome, which enables enormous […]

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Inflatable hall covering a tennis court in Norway


In the project, we introduced a system for the complete circulation of hot and cold air, and direct lighting with highly technologically advanced DBS lights, which enables effective cost reductions. The DBS Plus membrane additionally lowers the consumption costs, because of its thermal properties.

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Inflatable hall in Denmark


The technologically developed DBS luminaires offer the possibility of regulating the light, and the new ventilation-heating unit fully maintains the appropriate temperature in the air-supported structure.

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Inflatable hall in Finland


We have installed an energy-efficient air-supported structure, consisting of a new generation DBS Max membrane, which provides excellent conditions for performing sports activities within the facility. The heating and blowing units are connected to the local district heating system.

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Inflatable hall covering a tennis court in Slovenia


An air dome with dimensions of 36 x 18m was installed in Brezovica, Slovenia. It has a LE-DBS lighting system and the Smart Dome system, which monitors and controls key functions in the dome. This includes wind alarms, low-pressure alarms and many others. The air dome has a special ventilation system, which better distributes the […]

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