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Tesovnikova ulica 88a, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Unique air dome in Sweden


In June our team of technicians successfully installed another astonishing full-sized football air dome – this time in Sweden. Distinguished by unique transparent membrane features, our newest air dome pushes the boundaries of air dome design yet again The air dome uses our trusted DBS Plus membrane system, which provides very low energy consumption resulting […]

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DBS air dome in Croatia


Spring is in full bloom and we are excited to announce the completion of another DBS air dome, our first air dome in Europe this year in our neighboring country, Croatia. Our newest dome was built as part of a new local sports complex and covers a multipurpose asphalt court. The air dome will be […]

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Two new air domes on a Greek Island


We started off the new year dynamically, installing two new DBS Plus air domes in Lesvos, the first domes for DBS in Greece. Our team is excited about entering this new market and looking forward to many more successful projects in the future. The new air domes utilize our trusted DBS Plus membrane system, which […]

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Twin domes in Dubai


In February our crew flew to Dubai, to install two brand new DBS Hybrid air domes. Specifically designed and engineered for the hot and humid environment of the UAE, the twin domes are part of a new school campus. Our DBS Hybrid membrane system utilizes world-class thermal insulation and high-quality materials, which ensure optimal indoor […]

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