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Air domes

What are DBS air domes?

Air domes have become very popular in the last couple of years, especially for sports facilities. Clients frequently choose our air dome solutions, because they trust in our products. DBS air domes are made from high quality and energy efficient membrane systems and equipped with latest technology, which ensures low cost operation and simple maintenance of the facility. Most of our air domes are managed from our SmartDome system, which is very popular among users.

Where and why to use?

Our air domes are unique and custom made sports facilities, which can be used all around the world for covering multiple sports fields. Many years of intense development on structural behaviour and air dome technologies contributed to fact that DBS air domes can nowadays withstand also extreme weather conditions on any location around the world, with optimal operation costs.

Why DBS air domes?

Safety features of DBS air domes are DBS’s priority. Our air domes are additionaly equiped with different safety features, which are implemented in ventilation units or SmartDome system. Nowadays power consumption is also very important and development of our new green membrane systems enable low energy consumption during all year. With our new specialy developed insulation membrane systems we can provide membrane system with one of the best thermal behaviour properties on the market.