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Air dome outside Inside
DBS Smart dome
DBS membrane systems
LE-DBS lighting system
DBS window
DBS HVAC systems
Extreme conditions
Solar panels
Air dome inside Outside
DBS membrane systems
DBS Window
LE-DBS lighting system

DBS membrane systems

DBS membrane systems:

  • Long life span
  • Resistance to UV rays, moisture and mould
  • High natural light transmission
  • Fireproof (complies with EN 13501-1)
  • Energy efficient

The classic DBS Standard double membrane system is made with 100% high frequency welded seams, which ensure low thermal conductivity. Through our experience, and with our technological measures, we were able to upgrade the classic double membrane system to the DBS Plus membrane system, which is the most popular type of membrane system for construction of air domes. To achieve even lower thermal conductivity, we recommend the DBS Max version with its special welding technique.

The latest DBS Thermo membrane system, with its innovative welding method, combined with special insulation materials and technologically advanced coatings, ensures high-energy savings and is the system with lowest thermal conductivity for temporary constructions.

Throughout the years we have been developing membrane systems and have raised them to a higher level. We have combined the best features of individual systems and added sky windows, which gives a high transmission of daylight and thus reduces the consumption of electricity by the lighting. The efficient DBS Hybrid membrane system, which is a combination of different membrane systems, offers high savings in lighting and heating, while providing a high degree of thermal insulation.

DBS MASTER membrane system:

A new generation of double membrane systems, utilizing sophisticated coatings on membranes, creates structures of the future. This thin layer endows the structure’s envelope with a unique ability to reflect heat, which significantly enhances the thermal resistance of the building.

DBS HVAC systems

Custom made DBS HVAC systems enable:

  • Longer life span of machinery
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lower consumption of electricity and fuels than others on the market
  • Efficient operation regardless of weather conditions

DBS HVAC systems represent one of the most advanced devices of this type on the market. They are highly automated, user friendly and incorporate mechanical components from renowned European manufactures.

In the development department we monitor the performance of embedded DBS HVAC systems. Based on the monitoring analyses we constantly improve and optimise the heating and cooling technologies. This places us among the most technologically advanced companies in the market for the construction of air domes.


  • Hot water
  • Solid fuels
  • Heat pump
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Solar panels
  • Cooling systems
  • Oil
  • Electricity
  • Pellets

Air-to-Air Heat Pump Technology

DBS Engineering introduces its latest innovation – the air-to-air heat pump. This system is entirely plug-and-play, facilitating straightforward installation. It demands minimal power and offers three distinct operating modes:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation

Heat pumps represent the future of sustainable air dome development. They operate without relying on fossil fuels and have minimal energy requirements.

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LE-DBS lighting system

LE-DBS is our long-term development solution, which can lower electricity consumption by up to 40 %. The LE-DBS lighting system is certified by various European institutes and is able to supply maximum luminance for a space no matter the size or purpose. LE-DBS features:

DALI technology for controlling of lighting system, dimming of lights with options from 0 to 100 %.

With the DIAL system for analysis of luminance we achieve proper illumination of each space as per customer requirements.

DBS lighting system is certified according to IECEE standard and has compliance for use in sports facilities according to DIN VED 0710-13:1981 and DIN VED 18032-3.

DBS Smart dome

Smart system saves up to 40% of energy.

Why use the DBS Smart Dome system?

  • User friendly interface
  • High energy savings (automation of heating, cooling and lighting)
  • Low management costs
  • Saving time with simplified management
  • Remote control at any time and from anywhere in the world (via tablet, mobile phone or computer)

DBS Smart Dome features:

  • Pre-set programs for heating and lighting
  • Video control of the structure
  • Smoke detection control and alarm system
  • Automatic e-mail and text notification
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of lighting, heating and cooling according to external weather and user needs
  • Control and regulation of energy consumption (electricity, oil, gas, hot water)
  • Control over filter technology, hardware performance, air quality and pressure state



Levels of safety in a DBS air dome

  1. Normal operation
    All 3 main blowers powered via the electricity network.
  2. Level of protection
    An electric generator powers all 3 main blowers.
  3. Level of protection
    Emergency blower unit no. 1:
    Separate automatic system for independent operation, dual security components for unit management.
  4. Level of protection
    Emergency blower unit no. 2:
    Separate automatic system for independent operation, double security components for unit management.

Snowproof domes

DBS air domes are equipped with our smart dome system, which detects snow accumulation on top of the air-supported structures and automatically triggers our snow defense system.

This multi-level system is equipped with a weather station and pressure sensors, which predict heavy snowfall and automatically trigger a safety response protocol.

The protocol consists of an automatic increase of heating inside the dome, which helps to melt the freshly accumulated snow, and an automatic pressure decrease of the double membrane system via the membrane fans, which reduces the insulation properties of the double membrane and allows the heat from inside the dome to transfer quicker to the accumulated snow outside.

Deflation recognition system

Deformation sensors monitor and detect changes in the air-supported structure. In just a few steps, the maintenance person can check the condition of the air supported structure and adjust the operation of the blower units based on the external weather conditions.

DBS Window



At DBS Engineering we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and conserving natural resources with our domes.

We can achieve this with several innovative sustainable solutions:


Solar panels

Solar panels represent the most sustainable method for powering an air dome, making it the latest and emerging technology in the field. These panels are directly attached to the exterior of the dome, and there is potential for their integration into existing domes, enhancing their energy efficiency. By harnessing solar energy, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.