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Tesovnikova ulica 88a, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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About us


DBS Engineering is a family company that was founded by two brothers – Danijel and Boris in 2009. The vision of our company was always simple and clear – high-quality products with a long life expectancy.

Our company is always developing and researching new ideas and that is what makes us the most reliable and accomplished suppliers of air domes and wooden structures in the world today.

At the beginning of 2013, we started with the development and implementation of our own »Smart dome system« and lighting system which can lower electricity consumption by up to 40% and allows users complete remote control of the air dome from anywhere in the world. Nowadays these innovative and groundbreaking systems are an essential part of any project.

DBS approcahes each project individually, so even the most outrageous ideas can come to life. When developing and designing products, we prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, but our number one priority is always safety.


We are one of the leading producers and suppliers of high-tech air-supported structures in Scandinavia, with constant expansion to markets all over the world.

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products, that are made from premium materials, which are certified according to all European standards and technical regulations and second-to-none customer support.