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Mobilna verzija spletne strani še ni na voljo.

Tesovnikova ulica 88a, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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As the temperatures slowly drop, our technicians are out installing new air domes which will keep players warm during the winter months.

We installed a brand new tennis air dome in Oslo, Norway, one of the most environmentally conscious capitals in the world. The outer membrane of this tennis dome is completely green, so it visually blends into the surrounding area. The green colour also helps with retaining heat in the winter and prevents the inside from getting too hot during warmer days.

Another advantage of this dome is its smart dome system, which allows users to access the dome via an app from anywhere in the world. With it, they can control the lighting system, and heating, have video surveillance access, and more.

As with most of our tennis domes, this one can also be rapidly dismantled and easily stored during warmer months.