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We are happy to announce that our hard office work during the last Summer months has really paid off, as we have completed yet another successful tennis dome project – this time in Greece.

Our latest dome is part of a renowned Greek tennis center and we are delighted to be able to supply them with a new high-tech facility, where tennis players can improve their skills regardless of the season.

Due to the extreme heat in Greece, we used our special block-out membrane for this dome, which means that it has superior thermal conductivity and high energy efficiency, which reduces running costs for electricity and heating.

 As an additional membrane element, we integrated a special transparent window on top of the dome, which allows natural light to enter the dome and subsequently reduces the electricity costs of the lighting system, and provides a more naturally illuminated playing environment.

This spectacular dome can also be dismantled in just one day, due to its special anchoring system.

Air domes prove to be the most cost-effective way to cover sports fields, ensuring its users a safe and climate-controlled playing environment on any day of the year.