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Mobilna verzija spletne strani še ni na voljo.

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Upcoming biggest sports dome in Eurasia Region


In Bekan, Ireland, groundworks are already finished for the biggest sports dome ever built in Eurasia Region. Currently, the artificial turf is under installation, and the next phase of the project is related to DBS Engineering coming to the site to install an air dome with dimensions 150x100x26 m. An enormous air dome facility will cover a football field and running track with space, suitable for the big audience which will be able to watch sports and other events.

The air dome will be equipped with state of an art Smart dome intelligent system. The smart dome system ensures live video surveillance of the whole facility inside and outside, and consisting a system for constant monitoring and control of the equipment and other air dome features. Due to special project requirements some features, which will ensure less maintenance costs and improved general safety, were developed for this project exclusively and will be used in upcoming future projects also.  

Inflating heating units are powered by gas and will ensure optimal power consumption all year.

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