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With lots of snowfall across Europe, our domes become a refuge for athletes, a safe space where they can train amidst the harsh winter weather conditions. While air domes are generally more susceptible to snow and ice than traditional structures, DBS Engineering developed a sophisticated system, which ensures that our air domes are safe to use even in extreme weather conditions.  

DBS air domes are equipped with our smart dome system, which detects snow accumulation on top of the air-supported structures and automatically triggers our snow defense system.

This multi-level system is equipped with a weather station and pressure sensors, which predict heavy snowfall and automatically trigger a safety response protocol.

Live stream camera view of snowy conditions at one of our domes.

The protocol consists of an automatic increase of heating inside the dome, which helps to melt the freshly accumulated snow, and an automatic pressure decrease of the double membrane system via the membrane fans, which reduces the insulation properties of the double membrane and allows the heat from inside the dome to transfer quicker to the accumulated snow outside.

Smart dome app interface.

In a short time period, the snow begins to melt and does not gather on top of the structure and does not affect the dome’s structural integrity.

Users are notified of any snow protection actions via our intuitive and user-friendly smart dome app. Additionally, live stream cameras provide the user with a real-time view of the interior and exterior of the dome from anywhere in the world.

Live stream camera view in the smart dome app.

Our smart dome system was pioneered and implemented back in 2013. It is the only smart dome technology on the market today, which can actively protect air domes from wet and heavy snowfall.

DBS Engineering has the know-how and experience to guarantee our users a safe environment for sports and other activities even in the harshest winter conditions.