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 Despite the fact we are nearing the coldest season of the year, an extremely exciting and hot event is soon to take place in the Middle East – the 2022 World Cup. The biggest sporting event in the world will take place in Qatar and of course DBS Engineering had to be a part of it. 

DBS Engineering is proud to have engineered and installed the official training centre of the 2022 England World cup team. The twin dome is part of a hotel complex and is situated on a sandy beach, only 200 metres away from the main hotel complex. The English team will be able to access the training centre on foot and enjoy the climate-controlled training centre, where they will work on their World Cup strategy and prepare for the biggest games.  ‘

 This is a special DBS Plus dome, where two domes are connected to each other via a special tunnel. Besides exhibiting phenomenal thermal conductivity properties, our air dome membrane is made of premium materials, that can withstand such extreme climate conditions. For this Qatar air dome we used a special sandy-brown coloured outer membrane, which blends entirely with its surroundings. This air supported structure is also equipped with  our LE-DBS lighting system, which is among clients recognized as one of the best lighting solution for sport’s facilities in the world. 

Professional approach, engineering knowledge and technical skills once again proved, that DBS Engineering can provide the ultimate and most sophisticated products on the market today.