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A remarkable addition to the sporting landscape of Estonia has been unveiled with the recent installation of an impressive new air dome. Built in the city of Parnu, this state-of-the-art DBS Engineering air dome is attracting attention for its cutting-edge features, including advanced hot water-powered machinery, an energy-efficient smart dome system, and the utilization of an innovative membrane system.

 The centerpiece of this air dome’s energy-efficient design is its utilization of advanced hot water-powered machinery. This innovative system harnesses the power of heated water to regulate the internal climate of the dome. By utilizing hot water technology, the facility optimizes energy efficiency, minimizing its environmental impact while providing athletes and visitors with a comfortable and controlled environment for various sports activities.

As a standard feature of this advanced facility, the Smart Dome System revolutionizes the management and user experience of the air dome, offering a range of remote-controlled features and ensuring optimal functionality.

At the core of the Smart Dome System are its high-tech capabilities, providing users with a seamless and convenient way to access and manage various aspects of the air dome. The system is equipped with high/low-pressure alarms, which continuously monitor and maintain optimal air pressure levels within the dome. This ensures the safety and comfort of athletes and visitors at all times.

 In addition, the Smart Dome System includes high wind alarms, acting as an early warning system to detect and respond to potentially hazardous weather conditions. This feature enables prompt action to safeguard the dome’s structure and the well-being of individuals inside.

 Located in the vibrant city of Parnu, this air dome has been purposefully designed to cater to various sports, with a focus on football. The spacious interior is equipped with high-quality artificial turf, providing athletes with an exceptional playing surface. This climate-controlled facility guarantees a reliable and enjoyable sports experience, irrespective of the unpredictable Estonian weather conditions, and allows athletes to train and compete year-round without interruption.

 The air dome’s multifunctional nature makes it an ideal venue for hosting a wide array of events, including tournaments, training sessions, and community gatherings. Its versatility fosters inclusivity and encourages active participation from sports clubs, schools, and local communities. By providing a well-equipped and adaptable space, the air dome promotes a sense of unity and supports the growth of sporting talent within Parnu.