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Installation of first DBS ECO air dome in Finland


An installation of magnificent air dome with dimensions 101.2×59.9×20.7 m came to the end last week in western Finland. This project again proves that DBS Engineering Ltd. can without any doubt supply a low-energy air dome even in areas with very low temperatures and mostly winter weather conditions.

The reason is the state of the art technology used for the hot water heating inflating units, which are custom designed and made in the EU. DBS ECO membrane system is raising his popularity among users also with one of the lowest thermal conductivities on the market, which is additionaly ensured with use of sophisticated technologies, integrated in the DBS ECO membrane system.

DBS ECO membrane system has many other features which give a DBS air dome a massive advantage on the market, compared to other conventional membrane systems. Air dome, which is covering full-size football pitch, is equiped also with translucent membrane sky window, which enables natural sunlight during the day and reducing overall electricity consumption for lighting system. During evening or night operation time, our LE-DBS lighting system can be used efficiently in different lighting modes, following user needs.

Why DBS ECO? Because ECO matters.