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Mobilna verzija spletne strani še ni na voljo.

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Extraordinary air-supported structure in center of Helsinki


One of the most sophisticated projects in the history of air domes. Our team has been devoted to the making and design of this project, to show what long years of experience are able to achieve in this field of work. As we believe, there are no limits when it comes to creative designs and complex engineering.

This project has already been uplifted right next to the seaside of urban Helsinki. It is one of the distinct projects the Scandinavian market has ever seen and will catch the eye of anyone in the area, because of its unique »wave« design. The sports dome is equipped with panoramic windows, which will give anyone passing by the opportunity to watch all activities taking place inside. The air dome with dimensions 117x78x28 m is powered by hot water and achieves optimal temperatures inside with minimal power consumption. The size of the sports dome is enough to host spectacular football tournaments and enable many spectators to watch the games taking place.