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Mobilna verzija spletne strani še ni na voljo.

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The biggest air dome in Europe


In October DBS Engineering Ltd. took an important role in engineering, design and installation of the biggest air dome in Europe, which is located in wintry environment of Finland.

Air dome with fascinating 75 m width and 145 m length is 22 m high has in addition to DBS Max energy saving system unique architectual features. On the corners of the dome are specially designed panoramic walls in glass execution, which in addition to highly translucent membrane part on the top of the dome ensures high level of natural illuminance during the day. Air dome is equiped with 2 heating ventilation units with hot water system, 2 emergency ventilation units and additional DBSafe equipment, including power generator, pressure box and smoke extraction system. All components of the dome are coordinated and supervised by Smart Dome system, which guarantees economical power consumption 24/7.

Smart Dome and its premium features includes pressure alarm, height and high wind velocity alarm, energy consumption monitoring, live camera streaming, illuminance control and many more.