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New air dome in Amman, Jordan


In the capital and largest city of Jordan, DBS Engineering was in charge to install a new air dome with dimensions of 37.39x28x9 m. The air dome was despite the small size nice challenge for the engineering and installation team, because of the diverse configuration of foundations and anchorage line. Air dome is anchored directly on the building right next to the basketball pitch, making the structure a nice sports facility for general everyday use.

Air dome is made out of DBS PLUS membrane system, which is providing optimal sports conditions during all seasons. The membrane is equipped with a block-out layer, preventing over-heating of the air dome and reducing energy consumption for a cooling system. Also, a special architectural pattern as a translucent membrane day-light stripe is added to the structure, making it impressive from an inner perspective. Also, the Smartdome system is integrated into the air dome building management system, connecting various different functions and operations (lighting control and regimes, heating system control…). Right before the summer season client intends to integrate also a cooling system in the air dome, provided by DBS, so every pre-made connection is also designed and made for a cooling ventilation system.

Air domes were once again recognized in practice as a most convenient solution for the quick and easy covering of different sports facilities, where large spans without any supports are required.