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Human and robotic exploration with the European Space Agency


After an extremely successful year, we are already busier than ever, with numerous ongoing projects. One of them is our active research and development of space habitat technologies and smart membrane systems. We have expanded our space department since the broadening of our living habitat beyond Earth is imminent.

Due to our prolific work in this field and our past involvement with other space exploration start-ups, we were invited to join and present our work for the European Space Agency at the invitation of the Ministry of Economic development and technology of Slovenia. At the meeting, we discussed new programs and objectives of the ESA, participation in the ExPert project (development of technologies for Moon and Mars settlement), and smaller missions, where smaller companies and countries can collaborate.

DBS Engineering is proud to be a part of such an exclusive segment of companies and collaborate on the development of inflatable space habitats and technologies for space exploration.

ESA’s vision is to increase European autonomy, leadership, and responsibility in space. Their Human and robotic exploration program is prioritized in their agenda and is significantly funded. It will set the foundation for the Lunar economy (housing, transport, communications…) and especially allow greater involvement of the private sector.

We attended another bilateral event in relation to our collaboration at the beginning of January, the Slovenia and Italy space business forum, hosted by the Embassy of Italy in Ljubljana. Our CEO, Danijel Serec, gave a short presentation at the event, about our ongoing research and development of smart fabrics to several leading Italian companies in the field of space research.

Our mission is to lend our extensive knowledge of inflatable structures to Human Space exploration in collaboration with the European Space Agency and other start-ups.