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DBS Engineering’s New Tallinn Air Dome: A Winter-Proof Marvel


DBS Engineering’s latest architectural masterpiece, the Tallinn Air Dome, isn’t just a symbol of sustainable innovation; it’s a testament to engineering resilience, specifically designed to withstand the toughest winter conditions. As Estonia experiences its coldest months, this structure proves itself as more than just a building; it’s a winter-proof marvel.

Sustainability in mind

The facility harnesses hot water as a primary power source, accompanied by a standby unit designed for efficient operation during the summer months. This dual approach not only ensures reliable year-round functionality but also significantly reduces the environmental impact.

Exterior design

The standout characteristic of the new DBS Engineering air dome in Tallinn is its unparalleled exterior design. The architects and engineers at DBS have managed to create a structure that harmoniously blends into the wooded environment, enhancing the natural area rather than imposing on it. The dome’s innovative design reflects a commitment to both functionality and aesthetics, making it a landmark in modern air dome design.

Benefits for Tallin and its University

The introduction of this state-of-the-art air dome in Tallinn brings numerous benefits to the city and its residents. The unique exterior design adds a touch of modernity to the skyline, contributing to the city’s architectural diversity. Additionally, the Smart Dome features provide a solution to the challenges posed by harsh winter weather, ensuring year-round usability of the facility for various events and activities.