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DBS Engineering Unveils Stylish New Air Dome in Finland


An exciting project by DBS Engineering is taking architectural sustainability to new heights. This state-of-the-art air dome, not only showcases DBS Engineering’s commitment to innovation but also features a striking gray zig-zag pattern on its exterior.

DBS Engineering, known for pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence, has spearheaded this project, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the sustainable engineering of air domes.

Membrane Magic

The air dome serves as a hub for sports, recreation, and events, seamlessly blending into the community landscape.

DBS Engineering played a pivotal role, focusing on the membrane aspect, and showcasing precision and sustainability in their contributions.

Sustainability and Unique Design

The membrane incorporates sustainable materials and cutting-edge energy-efficient features, minimizing environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint.

The exterior boasts a unique gray zig-zag pattern, adding aesthetic appeal and setting the structure apart with a touch of modern elegance.

A Sustainable Future

As a landmark in Finland, DBS Engineering’s air dome stands as a beacon of sustainability and design innovation. This project not only represents the present but also offers a glimpse into a future where architectural marvels seamlessly blend with ecological responsibility.

With DBS Engineering leading the way, the journey towards energy-efficient air domes has truly only just begun, with this new air dome in Finland serving as a promising milestone.