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Mobilna verzija spletne strani še ni na voljo.

Tesovnikova ulica 88a, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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DBS ECO membrane system air dome in Slovenia


Just a few days ago our team installed one of air dome with new membrane system, which is one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. Air dome, sized 44.4x36x11 m and covering 3 tennis pitches, is located just few minutes away from DBS Engineering’s headquarters in Slovenia and will be a part of the existing sport’s park, which is very popular among recreative players. 

The air dome is made with DBS ECO membrane system, which is using sophisticated technologies and unique membrane system technologies one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. DBS ECO membrane system enables enormous savings with less heat losses, and therefore lower energy consumption.

Not only the membrane system, but also other technologies (lighting system, heating system) are designed to make energy consumption low as possible. With combination of SmartDome system and setting different (and automated) lighting and heating regimes, following operating time and occupancy of air dome, it is possible to lower energy consumption for more than 40 %.

Why DBS ECO? Because ECO Matters.