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DBS Inženiring d.o.o, Tesovnikova ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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What is an air dome?

An air dome is an inflatable building formed from one or more layers of fabric – membrane. Air units continuously pump air into the structure, creating the necessary air pressure that allows the fabric envelope (membrane) to stay inflated.

Which methods are used to fix the air dome into the ground?

The anchoring system is one of the essential elements of any building. This means that the membrane is ¨fixed¨ into the ground or foundation by a so-called anchoring system. There are several different anchoring methods, depending on how long the hall will be placed (temporary or permanent).

How is the supporting element carried out, if there is no construction below the membrane?

The main carrying element is air inside the air dome. The air dome is designed to have constant overpressure (around 300 Pa) and that is the main mechanism that holds the air domes membrane in place (small movements of membrane is allowed due to weather phenomena, such as wind and rain…).

From which materials is air dome membrane made of?

Typically used material is PVC-coated polyester fabric.

What are approximately measures of air dome?

Air dome shape and dimensions can vary from small domes, that can for example cover only one tennis court, to enormous domes whose main function is storage of materials (coal, raw materials, cars…), or to cover sports fields (football pitches, multiple tennis courts, hockey field…).

How do we ensure brightness in the air dome?

The lighting system in the air dome enables optimum lighting of the space according to the needs and requests of the customers. Over the years DBS Engineering has developed the technology and production of its own lighting system, under the brand name LE-DBS.

We use special software Dia-Lux.

Are these types of structures energy efficient?

Yes, they are. With special heat insulation elements and very efficient unit for heating / cooling of very large spaces, that they are covering, they are very efficient.

Is there any way to cool / heat such types of structures?

Absolutely. Heating of an air dome can be achieved by use of a system based on natural gas, hot water, oil or electricity. A specially designed system inside the dome controls and monitors the quality of air pumped into the structure, including the temperature. This system circulates fresh air throughout the dome, while a powerful air conditioning unit is able to keep it at a consistent temperature.

If so, with which energy source the ambient temperature can be regulated?

It can be regulated with help of ventilation unit systems that are used for cooling and heating, and through this, the temperature can be regulated. Our units can be powered by gas, oil, hot water or electricity.

What happens if the ventilation heating/cooling units stop functioning?

All air domes come with a safety diesel unit, that provides enough pressure in the dome in case the main unit stops functioning. A power generator is an additional unit supplied mostly for larger domes and it is used for securing power in case of power outage.

What about the snow, is this red flag for air dome?

Automatic smart dome system is used for special cases when large amount of snowfall occurs and accumulates at the top of the air dome. When the smart dome system detects snow (by increasing/ decreasing pressure inside dome) the temperature inside dome rises, and the snow on top of the dome starts melting and then falls of the dome.

What about the wind, sun light and other weather phenomena, are the air dome materials resistant to them?

Yes, the materials are PVDF coated and therefore very sustainable to all weather phenomena.

What is the approximately lifetime of an air dome, and are there any critical elements that need special attention?

The life expectancy of the membrane (most exposed material of the air dome) is more than 40 years.

Do air domes have warranty and what is the warranty period?

It does, but it varies from air dome project and which components were used.

What can be purpose of the air dome?

It can be used for covering: football pitches, hockey rinks, athletic tracks, pools or water parks, tennis courts, rugby pitches, golf courses, basketball courts, industrial facilities…

What is a SmartDome system and how do we use it?

A SmartDome system is a building automation system, developed by DBS Engineering specifically for air domes. This system allows the user to monitor and manage the air dome anytime, anywhere. All they need is a smart phone or a computer and internet access.