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DBS Inženiring d.o.o, Tesovnikova ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Twin domes in Dubai


In February our crew flew to Dubai, to install two brand new DBS Hybrid air domes. Specifically designed and engineered for the hot and humid environment of the UAE, the twin domes are part of a new school campus.

Our DBS Hybrid membrane system utilizes world-class thermal insulation and high-quality materials, which ensure optimal indoor sports conditions for football practice.

The air dome is equipped with our own LE-DBS lighting system, which is recognized as one of the best and most energy-efficient lighting systems for sports facilities on the market today.

Fresh and cool air is provided with the use of high-performance ventilation-cooling devices, which produce enough cooling power to withstand even the hottest summer days.

More than 30 years of experience and research have made this air dome possible, and we are proud to have participated in the development of this new campus. We wish the school children many years of football practice in these new air domes.